Lobbying Network Tips, Tools and Training

You may feel disconnected from the political process or that your politicians won’t listen to you. You may think you lack the expertise, knowledge, experience or resources to lobby politicians. But you’re wrong. Every vote matters to politicians, so make them work for it.

Lobbying can be simple, if you know how. You already possess a unique lobbying strength – your commitment to the issue of mental health. Once you have this, the rest can be learnt.

In many cases you can either phone up or email a TD or Senator directly (To view a list of your local TDs by constituency, click here). Take advantage of this to call your elected officials to account and impress on them your desire to see an improvement in the lives of people with mental health problems in Ireland.

Most importantly, let them know that you consider mental health a voting issue.

Don’t know where to start?

Lobbying can be as easy as posting a letter or sending an email. For handy tips on how to get started, download our beginner’s guide.pdf

Telling your story
Telling a politician a personal human story can be the most effective way to convince them of your argument and make them care about mental health reform. But this can be a difficult thing for people to do. If it is something you want to do, read our factsheet on telling your story

Want to keep tabs on your local TD or Senator? This site allows you to search the Oireachtas records to find out who said what. Use it to research politician’s views on mental health before lobbying them. www.kildarestreet.com

The Oireachtas has its own website which provides details of all members as well as their contact details. It also profiles the work of all of the Oireachtas Committees, such as the Joint Committee on Health and Children, where mental health is debated.