Healthcare Guaranteed Video Series

Video 1: 'Free healthcare for everyone, what are we communists?'  Meet the people opposed to health rights in Ireland.



Video 2: 'Flashmobs: the soloution to health reform in Ireland', 'simple' solutions to improve the Irish health system. 


Video 3: 'Sick people are a scourge', Health reform, should we bother? 


Video 4: Should cute people have quicker access to hospitals? 

Everyone in Ireland has the right to health. The Irish Government committed to uphold that right in 1989 when they adopted the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. But this has never been written into Irish law. This requires Government to ensure that everyone living in Ireland can access healthcare, without discrimination.

Amnesty International Ireland is campaigning to ensure that the Government, in dealing with Ireland’s economic crisis, does not overlook or neglect the commitment to universal health insurance made in the 2011 Programme for Government.

These videos are intended to act as a call to action to the general public to sign Amnesty International Ireland’s petition calling on the Government to give a legal guarantee of equal access to care for everyone in Ireland.