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30th August 2017, 11:47:02 UTC

Whoever you are, wherever you live, all the decisions you make about your body should be yours.

Women have a human right to abortion.

It’s time to make this right a reality in Ireland. It’s Time to #Repealthe8th.

Every day, the 8th Amendment has a serious and detrimental impact on women and girls’ health and wellbeing. Ireland’s abortion laws are cruel, inhumane, hypocritical and discriminatory. By forcing women choose between travelling to another country in order to access medical care, and breaking the law by taking medical abortion pills, the Irish state shames, stigmatises and criminalises them.

For more than three decades, the 8th Amendment and Ireland’s restrictive abortion laws have denied women and girls a say in what happens to their bodies, healthcare and lives. Not only do these laws impact access to abortion, they put every woman who becomes pregnant at risk of serious human rights violations.

Amnesty International is calling for change, and we are not alone. Independent polling we commissioned from Red C Research & Markets in 2016 showed that 87% of people in Ireland favour expanded access to abortion services. Enabling access to abortion in Ireland is no longer a divisive issue.

Sign our petition calling on the Irish Government to:
• Schedule a referendum to repeal Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution (the 8th Amendment) in its entirety, thereby ending the Constitutional prohibition on abortion.
• Fully decriminalise abortion.
• Introduce a legal and medical framework for abortion which respects the human rights of women and girls

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