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1st December 2017, 13:51:46 UTC

Thousands of women, children and men who sought protection in Europe, are trapped in European Union-sponsored camps and other facilities on the Greek islands. Their living conditions worsen every day. They are forced to stay in filthy, overcrowded camps and many have no other choice but to sleep in summer tents or on the ground. With winter looming, there is no time to lose. The security of women, men and children is at risk.

This is happening because Greece, with the support of European governments, is preventing people from leaving the islands to the mainland as part of the EU-Turkey deal. But there is no excuse to keep people confined in squalor at Europe’s doorsteps. The Greek government, with the support of other European leaders, can change this. They can all ensure that no one sleeps in the cold this winter. They need to end this inhumane containment and #opentheislands.

Please tell Greece’s Prime Minister to stop confining refugees on the Greek Islands, and call on other European leaders to support Greece in doing so!

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