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4th August 2016, 13:55:37 UTC

As Europe drags its heels on providing solutions to move refugees and asylum-seekers on from Greece, thousands of men women and children are staying in filthy and unsafe old warehouses or tents, or simply sleeping rough and under the relentless summer heat. The Greek Government must act swiftly to improve their living conditions and well-being.

Elderly people, heavily pregnant women and new-born babies are sleeping on the floor. People with chronic illnesses and physical disabilities are stuck in unsuitable locations, far away from hospitals.

Thousands of children are out of school for yet another year.

The majority of the people have been in these unacceptable and worsening conditions for months, depending only on the support of volunteers, activists and non-governmental organisations.

They can do nothing but wait, in appalling conditions, with little information or certainty about their future.

Ultimately Europe must offer resettlement places and other admission pathways and share the responsibility for offering protection to these refugees. But right now, Greece must urgently assure the safety and dignity of those hosted in its territory.

Reception conditions for refugees and asylum-seekers in Greece must be improved now. Call on the Greek authorities to:

  • Provide appropriate and safe shelter, adequate sanitary facilities and appropriate medical care to refugees and asylum-seekers stranded in Greece.
  • Ensure that all vulnerable groups, including pregnant women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities or those with chronic illnesses have access to appropriate services and care.

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