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9th April 2020, 14:48:24 UTC

Use your power, plant a flower.

On 10 April, Yasaman Aryani, her mother and friend, Monireh Arabshahi , and Mojgan Keshavarzwill have spent a year unjustly imprisoned. Hundreds and thousands of people called for their freedom during the Write for Rights campaign.

Yasaman is a brave human rights defender and is one of the courageous women who has been criminalised for campaigning against forced veiling. These women remain in prison despite the grave risk of COVID-19 in Iran.
Now to mark the year-long unjust imprisonment, Amnesty Ireland will join a global push for their release.

Why take action?

A human-rights based approach to a pandemic means taking care of the vulnerable, including those in prisons, and making sure no one is left behind. Iranian prisons are overcrowded and prisoners don’t have enough soap or other sanitary products. Often prisoners are denied medical care as punishment in Iran.

These women remain at grave risk of torture and abuse while detained in Iran’s notorious Evin prison – we must continue to call for their release.

What can you do?

To mark the first anniversary of her arrest, Amnesty wants activists and supporters to take action for Yasaman and these brave women:

1. Sign the petition if you haven’t already.

2. Find some paper to make an origami flower (download instructions) or create your own floral artwork inspired by these brave women.

3. Plant your creation in your window or in front of your home.

4. Take a picture of your creation.

5. Share your flower or artwork on social media and tag @AmnestyIreland #FreedomFlower