Become part of a youth human rights community in Ireland.

When you become an Amnesty youth member you join a community of young people in Ireland who care about equality and the dignity of all people.

These are some of the benefits of being a youth member!

You will know what’s going on in the world.

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You will receive a monthly e-bulletin and materials by post with current information on human rights news from around the world, and how you can take action and volunteer with others.

You will gain new skills and knowledge.

You will receive online training opportunities, and invitations to join workshops with other youth members. Our aim is to support you to grow in confidence and gain new skills in human rights activism.

You will make friends.

There will be opportunities to meet other youth members who live in Ireland and elsewhere at events, festivals, and actions such as demonstrations. We bring people together to create a community of young people who care about human rights.

You will have a say in the how Amnesty is run.

You can vote at our Annual Conference, and put forward motions (proposed changes) to how we work, and what human rights issues you want us to focus on.

Watch youth members explain why they think it’s important to join the Amnesty movement.

Secondary school student members:

A 3rd level student member:

“I believe in the importance of young people standing up for human rights no matter where we are in the world! We can all do something, we all have the power to make the world a better place!” – Eimear

Who can become a youth member?
If you are aged between 14 and 25, are in full-time education/ not in paid employment, you can become a youth member!

Paying just 5 euro gives you full youth membership rights.

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