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24th September 2020, 10:46:52 UTC

Are you concerned that human rights activists are bring surveyed all over the world?

What can you do?

Sign the global petition to demand an end to targeted surveillance of Human Rights Defenders.

Digital attacks against human rights defenders, lawyers and journalists are on the rise. Their digital devices are compromised so they can be spied on, silenced and intimidated. This must stop.

Governments across the world are buying and allowing the sale of sophisticated and intrusive surveillance technology that can compromise your digital devices and monitor your activity. These tools are made and sold by private companies who are making huge profits.

Governments and companies say that these surveillance tools are only used to target ‘criminals and terrorists’. But in reality, hundreds of human rights defenders across the world – including an Amnesty International staff member – have been unlawfully targeted with them.
The United Nations have called for a global moratorium – a ban on the sale and transfer of surveillance technology until there is a proper human rights regulatory framework in place that protects human rights defenders and civil society from the misuse of these tools.

Together, let’s demand an end to the targeted surveillance of human rights defenders.

Call on all states to:

– Support the UN’s call for a global moratorium.

– Ensure that these tools are not used to unlawfully target human rights defenders and civil society.

– Stop the sale and transfer of surveillance equipment until a proper human rights regulatory framework is put in place.

– Deny export authorisation where there is a substantial risk that the export in question could be used to violate human rights.

– Call for greater transparency and public scrutiny of how surveillance tools are being used domestically.

Sign the petition.

Sign the petition

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