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9th August 2023, 13:05:16 UTC

Cheikh Wade was killed by a police officer while participating in a demonstration that took place in Dakar on 8 March 2021 when he was shot. He was a young tailor living in Parcelles Assainies.

A video that circulated widely on social media showed him lying on the ground after a member of the security forces shot him with a gun. A few moments later, a police vehicle came up to the body lying on the ground, before driving way.

Cheikh was one of the 14 young Senegalese who were killed in March 2021 during the protests that followed the arrest of Ousmane Sonko, a leader of the opposition. The protests that took place in Dakar during this period were violently repressed by the security forces and at least fourteen human lives were lost. No judicial investigation had yet been opened despite the commitments made by the authorities.

The autopsy report concluded that Cheikh’s death was due to head trauma from a firearm projectile. His family, through his lawyer, filed a complaint on 26 May 2021 with a judge at the Dakar Court of Appeal and the General Prosecutor at the Supreme Court.

His mother is still affected by the brutal death of her youngest son, and desperately waiting for justice to be served. He has a twin sister Ngoné Wade and they should celebrated their 33rd birthdays together in February.

‘I remember it as if it were yesterday, that Monday 8 March 2021, when a shocking viral video was making the rounds on social media. Like many other Senegalese, I watched that video showing a young man being shot in cold blood by a police officer. I watched in shock as the police car drove up to his limp body, as if checking to see if he were still alive, and then drove off, leaving him to his fate. A deep chill ran through my body at the sight of this gruesome scene. My heart was heavy, and I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness: another young man had been killed, what a loss for his family.

That evening of 8 March, at around 10 pm, I placed your meal in your room as usual and went to bed. I thought you were finishing a late customer’s order, as you often did. As the evening went on, I called you several times but you never picked up…….Today, our family has only one demand: that justice be served regarding your death. Our quest for justice may be a long one but we remain united and determined. We demand answers. We want to know who and why? The immensity of our sorrow and grief is shared by so many of our fellow citizens, particularly the families of the other victims, whether they fell in Bignona, Diaobe, Ziguinchor or here in Dakar.’

Justice has yet to be served.

As part of the Protect the Protest campaign, Amnesty International is calling for justice for Cheikh and the 13 other people killed during protests.

Please show your support with Cheikh Wade’s family.
➢ Write your message in the form here or send your letters to the following address:

Amnesty International Ireland,
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or by email: ua[at]amnesty.ie

➢ Send solidarity videos to his twin sister.
Take a video with a phone or camera of you and your Amnesty team saying “Dear Ngoné Wade, you’re not alone, we will fight with you and your family for justice.’’

a. Please take all videos in horizontal format.
b. Send them via WhatsApp or Signal/Telegram to the following number: +221 77 097 87 49 or via email: khadidiatou.diaw[at]amnesty.org; protecttheprotestsenegal[at]amnesty.org

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