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 WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images

6th September 2021, 15:41:50 UTC

In Afghanistan, thousands are still at risk and in hiding out of fear of brutal ‘reprisals’ from the Taliban. Women who spoke up, teachers, activists, journalists, ethnic minorities and many more.

They all deserve safety and protection. And you can do something very practical to make this happen.

Every minute counts for a person who is in hiding. Will you take action?

We’re asking the Irish government to resettle a minimum of 1000 Afghan refugees; to suspend visa requirements so those fleeing are not trapped because of a lack of a form; to speed up family reunification for those with family already here; and other ways to get people to safety and protect those at risk of being targeted by the Taliban.

This is a humanitarian catastrophe.

Take just 20 seconds to email the Irish government now.

Take action now

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