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Welcome to Write for Rights 2014! Take part in the biggest human rights campaign in the world! Take action on behalf of 12 people and communities whose human rights are being violated. 

Saudi Arabia
Individual at risk, Prisoner of conscience

Two Saudi Arabian women have been arrested for driving. Loujain al-Hathloul and Mayssa al-Amoudi, both supporters of the campaign for women’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia, were detained at the al-Batha border crossing with the United Arab Emirates.

Death Penalty, Individual at risk

A former member of Iraq’s Council of Representatives (Parliament) has been sentenced to death after a trial marred with irregularities. 


In police stations across the Philippines, people are being tortured.

Torture is illegal in the Philippines, but reports of torture increased over 900% between 2001 and 2013.Yet not one torturer has ever been convicted.


The Istanbul Convention came into force on 1 August 2014. The entry of force of the Istanbul Convention marked an important step in achieving the aspiration of a Europe free of violence against women.


Egypt’s new president has pledged to stop violence against women. So why are the authorities harassing the women human rights heroes protesting against repression?

Dominican Republic

On 18 November the Dominican Parliament adopted a comprehensive reform of the Criminal Code which maintains full criminalization of abortion. If introudced, it would violate the rights of women and girls.


Refugee Mirsobir Khamidkariev was abducted in Russia and forcibly returned to Uzbekistan, where he says he was tortured in detention. He is at risk of being subjected to further torture and other ill-treatment.


Public transport driver Jerryme Corre suffered shocking torture at the hands of police in the Philippines, after they accused him of killing a police officer.

He told Amnesty that, after his arrest, the officers “kicked and punched me on the sides, neck, stomach and knees”. Then they blindfolded him, handcuffed his ankles, and beat him throughout the night, hitting the soles of his feet with a wooden baton.

Death Penalty

Asia Bibi was sentenced to death for blasphemy in 2010. On 16 October the Lahore High Court of Pakistan rejected her appeal. She is a 45 year old Christian woman, mother of 5 children.