News Releases

Ukraine: One year after EuroMaydan protests, justice denied for victims of violence

18 February 2015

A deeply imbedded culture of impunity, lack of expertise and in some cases, deliberate obstruction, are denying justice to the hundreds of victims of police abuses during the EuroMaydan protests in Ukraine, says Amnesty International in a new briefing on the first anniversary of the protest. 

Iran: Juvenile offender set to be hanged on Thursday brutally beaten to confess

17 February 2015

On 15 February, Saman Naseem, a young Iranian man set to be executed on Thursday, was once again brutally beaten up by men believed to be intelligence officials in a bid to make him “confess” again in front of a camera, which he refused to do, Amnesty International said.

Italy: Lampedusa survivors' tales of despair should shock EU into action

16 February 2015

The European Union’s limited search and rescue resources contributed to the soaring death toll after four rubber dinghies carrying hundreds of migrants sent out an SOS in stormy weather in the southern Mediterranean last week, Amnesty International revealed today after a visit to Lampedusa. 

Awaiting my Execution: A Letter from Iran

13 February 2014

Saman Naseem, a member of Iran’s Kurdish minority, is to be hung at dawn next Thursday, 19 February. We have just days to demand the Iranian government stops his execution. Saman was only 17 when he was arrested, and his ‘confession’ followed an extended period of torture. He was sentenced to death after an unfair trial for allegedly taking part in armed activities against the state. Saman describes here what happened to him.

Iran: Juvenile offender to be executed in a week gives harrowing torture account

13 February 2014

A young Iranian man set to be hanged on 19 February gave a harrowing account of how, as a teenager, officials tortured him for 97 days to make him “confess” to a crime, before sentencing him to death. 

Ukraine: Protect civilians in contested areas like Debaltseve

12 February 2015

With the announcement of a ceasefire deal in Minsk today, both sides to the conflict in eastern Ukraine must take immediate steps to protect civilians in the days before it comes into force, Amnesty International urged.  

Egypt: Re-trial of Al Jazeera journalists commences in Cairo

12 February 2015

Amnesty International is reiterating its calls for the release of the Al Jazeera journalists Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy as their retrial began in Cairo today. 

Latest tragedy in the Mediterranean shows how EU inaction is costing lives

11 February 2015

The European Union and its member states must hang their heads in shame following reports this morning that as many as 300 migrants are believed to have died in the high seas off the Italian island of Lampedusa, said Amnesty International. 

Spain: New counter-terrorism proposals would infringe basic human rights

10 February 2015

Proposed amendments to the Spanish criminal code that would expand the range of crimes defined as “terrorism” to include vague language and overly broad categories of offences would infringe people’s basic human rights, said Amnesty International ahead of a parliamentary debate today. 

Sudan: Intelligence services holding two church leaders in secret detention

10 February 2015

Amnesty International is urging the authorities in Sudan to disclose the whereabouts of two church leaders who were arrested by the country’s National Intelligence and Security Service in Khartoum last December and January.