News Releases

Roma in Europe: Demanding justice and protection in the face of violence

08 April 2014


European states are failing to curb and in some cases even fuelling discrimination, intimidation and violence against Roma, Amnesty International said on International Roma Day on 8 April. 

USA: A step in the rights direction

4 April 2014


Senate committee vote to declassify summary of CIA detention report – a welcome move, but much more needed 

Amnesty International welcomes Ireland's ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty Today

02 April 2014


Amnesty International has welcomed Ireland’s ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) today, the first anniversary of the ATT’s adoption by the UN General Assembly.

Amnesty welcomes final report of the Constitutional Convention and recommendation to strengthen economic, social and cultural rights


Amnesty International has welcomed the publication today of the Constitutional Convention report recommending strengthening economic, social and cultural rights. 

Turkey: Move to block YouTube ahead of elections points to growing censorship

27 March 2013

The Turkish authorities’ move today to block access to YouTube on the eve of Sunday’s elections, and not long after they restricted access to Twitter, smacks of a wider pre-meditated crackdown on freedom of expression, Amnesty International said. 

Japan: Retrial of longest serving death row inmate must not be blocked

27 March 2014

The Japanese courts have at last seen sense and granted a retrial to a prisoner who has spent over four decades on death row, said Amnesty International. The organisation is now urging prosecutors to accept the court's decision.

Death penalty 2013: Small number of countries trigger global spike in executions

27 March 2014

Iran and Iraq caused a sharp global spike in the number of executions carried out in 2013, bucking the global trend towards abolition of the death penalty, Amnesty International found in its annual review of the death penalty worldwide.

Egypt: More than 500 sentenced to death in ‘grotesque’ ruling

24 March 2014

Today’s mass death sentences handed down by an Egyptian court are a grotesque example of the shortcomings and the selective nature of Egypt's justice system, Amnesty International said. 

Turkey: Pre-election Twitter shutdown brings internet freedom to a new low

21 March 2014


The first ever tweet was sent eight years ago today. No-one will be celebrating this landmark on the social media site in Turkey, however: the government has just shut it down. Amnesty International calls on the Turkish authorities to immediately reverse the decision to block the social media site. 


20 March 2014


The lives and rights of migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees are being threatened by European Union (EU) member states’ restrictive border control policies, Amnesty International said today at a protest outside the offices of the European Council in Brussels.