mental health

Mental health campaign

Mental health is a human rights issue. Amnesty International Ireland has been campaigning on mental health since 2003.  We have been working in partnership with our Experts by Experience Advisory Group to demand action from the government and achieve real improvement in the lives of people who experience mental health difficulties.

Our current priorities:
Mental Health Act 2001 review and Capacity legislation
Law to drive the reform of mental health services
Challenging mental health prejudice and discrimination
Children and young people's right to mental health

In The News

New legislation relating to decision-making ability is a welcome improvement on the current 140-year-old law governing capacity, but needs some improvements if it is to adequately protect people’s human rights, a working group of civil society organisations said today (full list at the bottom of the release).

The publication today of the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Bill 2013 is a welcome development, said a working group of civil society organisations.

Ireland has a historic opportunity as it prepares to introduce new capacity (decision-making) legislation, a conference will hear today.

Take Action

We welcome the government's current review of Ireland's Mental Health Act, which includes a series of encouraging recommendations that would lead to greater human rights protections. This strong basis must be built upon.


You may feel disconnected from the political process or that your politicians won’t listen to you. You may think you lack the expertise, knowledge, experience or resources to lobby politicians. But you’re wrong. Every vote matters to politicians, so make them work for it.

Lobbying can be simple, if you know how. You already possess a unique lobbying strength – your commitment to the issue of mental health. Once you have this, the rest can be learnt.