Friendship Week 2015 | Amnesty International Ireland

Friendship Week 2015: Global Connections

Join us for Friendship Week 2015 from 9-13 February 2015

Or any time that suits your school!

At the heart of friendship is the notion of solidarity. With your students, look at how actions we take in our daily lives can have an impact on the lives of others at a local, national, or international level, while raising vital funds for Amnesty International Ireland through the sale of Friendship Bracelets for €2. Every cent raised from the sales of these bracelets will go towards supporting our human rights work and will make a difference to the life of someone across the world.

You can take part with just one lesson, dedicate an entire day or the whole week to Friendship Week – whatever works best for your school. We provide participating schools with a free cross-curricular resource pack.

This resource pack is full of information for teachers and students about human rights and how it relates to the lives of children of all ages, in all countries. This year’s resource pack focuses on a broader concept of friendship, emphasising the global dimension, and utilises a Socratic approach to reflective questioning. This cross-curricular pack infuses a focus on numeracy and literacy throughout.

Teachers across the country had great things to say about Friendship Week 2014

“I would highly recommend taking part in Friendship Week. It created a fantastic buzz around our school community and there was a strong educational benefit .”

“The children loved telling others what their bracelets stood for.”

“Friendship Week opened the children's minds to a world outside the classroom.”

Your Friendship Week Resource Pack includes

  • Classroom activities and whole school ideas for promoting friendship and global interdependence.
  • An introduction to human rights.
  • Thinking Time questions - philosophy with children.
  • Practical classroom actions for a more just, equal world.
  • As many of our new Friendship Bracelets as you think you can sell for €2 each – you can return any that you do not sell to us via FREEPOST. The money raised will support our vital campaigning work here in Ireland and across the world. Our new 2015 bracelets include phrases in Irish and English.

If you would like to take part in Friendship Week in February, or any time that suits you, your class and your school, we would be delighted to hear from you! Simply register online.

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