Act to stop execution in Iraq

Osama Jamal ‘Abdallah Mahdi is at high risk of being executed.

A 32-year-old oil technician and father of two children, Osama Jamal ‘Abdallah Mahdi, was sentenced to death on 26 December 2011 after an unfair trial.

He was convicted under the Anti-Terrorism Law in connection with the killing of an Iraqi army officer on 26 November 2008.

He was detained on 15 January 2010 at his work place and held incommunicado for about eight months, during which time he was reportedly tortured and coerced to “confess”. This “confession” was admitted as evidence against him.

According to his relatives, the torture included beating with sharp objects, kicking, being suspended by the arms, injuries with a drill and electric shocks to various parts of his body.

During his trial he withdrew his “confession”, stating he had been coerced and tortured.

He is currently held in the Nasseriya Central Prison, Dhi Qar governorate, in southern Iraq.

Executions are often carried out at very short notice in Iraq.

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