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Saudi Arabia: 100 days into King Salman’s rule no sign of progress on human rights

3 May 2015


100 days after King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud came to power in Saudi Arabia prospects for human rights progress in the Kingdom remain grim, said Amnesty International, as widespread violations continue unabated.  

Waiting for freedom in Egypt

27 February 2015

On 8 February an Irish teenager who had spent 550 days in an Egyptian prison learned that his trial in Cairo had been postponed yet again. He was awaiting a mass trial with 493 others on charges that range from murder to attempted murder to preventing people from praying in a mosque. Charges that could lead to his being sentenced to death.

War in Syria: Is the UN Security Council a mere talk shop?

20 February 2015

News that Syria is prepared to halt aerial bombardments of Aleppo for six weeks has brought an unusual glimpse of hope to the millions of Syrians who have been caught up in a relentless war that has brought despicable suffering and loss. 

Iran: Juvenile offender set to be hanged on Thursday brutally beaten to confess

17 February 2015

On 15 February, Saman Naseem, a young Iranian man set to be executed on Thursday, was once again brutally beaten up by men believed to be intelligence officials in a bid to make him “confess” again in front of a camera, which he refused to do, Amnesty International said.

Iran: Juvenile offender to be executed in a week gives harrowing torture account

13 February 2014

A young Iranian man set to be hanged on 19 February gave a harrowing account of how, as a teenager, officials tortured him for 97 days to make him “confess” to a crime, before sentencing him to death. 

Egypt: Re-trial of Al Jazeera journalists commences in Cairo

12 February 2015

Amnesty International is reiterating its calls for the release of the Al Jazeera journalists Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy as their retrial began in Cairo today. 

Irish teenager’s trial postponed again in Egypt

08 February 2015

Ibrahim Halawa, the Irish 19 year old, who is in prison in Egypt for 18 months without trial on trumped up charges, has seen his trial postponed again to 29 March, according to his family.

Untold stories of Syria’s most vulnerable refugees

04 February 2015

A new report from Amnesty International throws the spotlight on the human face of Syria’s refugee crisis, through the stories of eight people and families who have fled the conflict and are struggling to survive in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

Killing of Jordanian pilot ‘abhorrent’ but ‘revenge executions’ not the answer

04 February 2015

The vicious summary killing of a Jordanian pilot who was burned alive by the armed group that calls itself the Islamic State (IS) is an atrocious attack against humanity, said Amnesty International, but responding with executions is not the answer. 

Egypt: Confirmation of 183 death sentences ‘outrageous’

02 February 2015

The deaths sentences handed down to 183 people in Egypt today following grossly unfair trials are a further sign of Egypt’s disregard for national and international law, says Amnesty International.